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  • Register Now for Our Advanced Therapist Class!
  • Last Chance for January Therapist in Australia!
  • See Us in February at NAVC and APTA’s CSM!
  • Three More Spring Courses Are Now Open for Registration!
  • Save the Dates for June-December Courses!
  • Registration Is Open for Spring Courses in Germany!
  • Take Our Survey About CE Courses … and more!


Register Now for Our Brand-New Advanced Therapist Class!

99e23158-eaf4-4410-8f2c-6de2cf176de5Are you an experienced, rehabilitation-certified veterinarian or physical therapist ready to take your knowledge and skills to the next level?

Don’t miss the opportunity for more in-depth learning with CRI’s brand-new course, Advanced Canine Rehabilitation Therapist,

being held March 3-5 at our Coral Springs, Florida location.

This course is RACE approved by the AAVSB for 20 CE hours for veterinarians.

During this course, you and your peers will advance the basic manual skills you learned in the Canine Rehabilitation Therapist module to a higher level. This practical and case-oriented course will have strong emphasis on the spine and will focus on advanced joint mobilization techniques of the extremities. Participants will receive ample hands-on experience with dogs on site.


Ellen Martens, PT

The primary faculty member is Ellen Martens, PT, MT, CCRT, who has worked with our Canine Rehabilitation Therapist team for several years to create this course, which will be the first in a series of Advanced Therapist modules.

Ellen is known to many of our graduates who have been fortunate enough to intern at her canine rehabilitation facility in Velm, Belgium. Ellen has more than 15 years of experience in human physical therapy with extensive training in manual therapy, as well as canine rehabilitation and canine and equine osteopathy. Ellen has lectured around the globe and is a guest lecturer at prestigious universities throughout Europe on the topics of canine and equine manual therapies, canine sports conditioning, gait analysis, and injury prevention. We are honored to have her teaching our Advanced Therapist module!

This 2.5-day course is open to veterinarians and physical therapists who have successfully completed their CCRT and have at least one year of experience in canine rehabilitation. Veterinarians and physical therapists certified as Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners (CCRP) who have completed CRI’s Canine Rehabilitation Therapist module and have at least one year of experience in canine rehabilitation are also welcome. Good basic manual skills are expected.

Visit the Advanced Canine Rehabilitation Therapist course page to learn more, and register online today to reserve your seat!


Last Chance! Our January Therapist Course in Australia Starts in a Week!


CRI faculty members enjoy time in Sydney after the October 2016 class.

We’re headed back to Australia January 28-February 1 to hold Canine Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy (Canine Rehabilitation Therapist module) at the Albion Park Raceway outside Brisbane.

If you have already completed Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation in Australia, Europe or the USA, but not yet taken the Therapist course, this is a great opportunity to join us and complete another course for certification! Veterinarians and physiotherapists who are CCRPs are also welcome.85a587ec-6508-4e77-b616-59e73bebb7a4

To learn more or register online, visit the VetPrac website or see the Australian Program page of our website. If you have questions, please email Dr. Ilana Mendels of VetPrac at we.help@vetprac.com.

Interested in attending further courses with CRI in Australia?  Please contact us at info@caninerehabinstitute.com.

See Us in February at NAVC and at APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting!untiled

Will you be attending the NAVC Conference or APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting? CRI will be in the exhibit hall at NAVC in Orlando February 4-8 and the APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting in San Antonio on February 15-18.

Graduates, students, and all interested parties are encouraged to stop by and say hello!

In the Words of Our Students … 

“I so admire the ease with which the PTs transferred, hopefully with some measure of success, their vast knowledge to our eager hands and brains. Every one of them was incredibly patient with us, our occasional hypoglycemic brain fog notwithstanding. It’s obvious they’re ALL passionate about what they do; I’m hoping I can live up to their high standards for animal care. … Of the three major commitments I’ve made to post-grad certifications, the CRI course is undoubtedly the best organized and most conducive to learning. The course will be highly relevant to my daily practice. I’m stoked to see how much more effective I’ll be at helping my patients enjoy life.”

– Carla Wilkie, DVM, CVA, CVC, West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Three More Spring Courses Are Now Open for Registration!bdc807d1-03c2-4fc7-97fa-5b6777edde9e.jpg

We have opened registration for three more spring courses in sunny Florida, and several other courses have just sold out. Don’t delay and miss your chance! Register today, and reserve your seat!

Registration is currently open for the following U.S. and international classes:

Please check our website for the most up-to-date course schedule.

Remember that we also offer discounted 2-course packages for either (1) The Canine Rehabilitation Therapist plus Canine Sports Medicine or (2) The Canine Rehabilitation Assistant plus Canine Sports Medicine. Please see the 2-Course Packages section at the bottom of the Online Registration page for more details. If you are not sure when you plan to take a course, you may choose the option of a “Future” class. “Future” registrations may be subject to tuition increases. (Learn more.)

If you have previously registered for a “Future” course and wish to attend a 2017 class that is now open for registration, be sure to contact CRI and tell us which course you would like to attend. This is the only way to guarantee you have a seat in the course.

Don’t wait – register today to reserve your seat!

Save the Dates for June-December Courses!

85704c66-3fc4-4e58-93bb-11664df995dbPlanning to take CRI courses later this year? We’ve added June-December courses to the Course Schedule page on the CRI website, so you can get these dates on your calendar and reserve time to attend.

Our summer and fall courses will take place at Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital‘s brand-new facility in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, just west of Denver (see article below). Construction is on track to wrap up in April, so we will be among the first to enjoy this beautiful new space!

Please check the Course Schedule page on our website, and save the dates for the courses you wish to take. Be sure to watch this newsletter for announcements of course openings.


Courses Begin This Summer in Wheat Ridge, Colorado!975f5a53-5be6-4e90-ae92-57c444b11b2f

Starting in June 2017, CRI will be holding its Colorado classes at the all-new Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, located just west of Denver. The new hospital will include a state-of-the-art rehabilitation center and conference facilities. Construction is on schedule and expected to be complete by spring 2017.

Our first class at Wheat Ridge will be Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation from June 18-22, followed by Canine Sports Medicine from June 24-26.

The staff at CRI is excited about this new opportunity to partner with the team at Wheat Ridge and its parent company, Ethos Veterinary Health.

To follow the progress on the new building, see the construction photos posted in the NEW Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital album on Facebook.


Left: Work continues on the front entrance of the new hospital. Right: Upstairs treatment area. This is the hub of the hospital. Photos: Steve Hostetler Photography

We Want Your Feedback on CE Courses – Take Our Survey!

d0594514-4b75-40e5-87aa-a46b9b80b50a.jpgWe’ve been working on our upcoming CE courses, and now we’d like to get your feedback!

Take our Geriatrics/Nutrition/Pain Management survey, and tell us which topics are most important to you! We will incorporate your feedback into these three CE courses, scheduled for August 11-13 in Colorado. If you are interested in taking any of these courses, be sure to indicate that in the survey and we will email you with advance notification.

Our plans for upcoming CE courses are:

Spring/Summer 2017:

August 11-13, 2017, Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital, Wheat Ridge, Colorado (outside Denver)

In the next 12-18 months:

Two new courses that we’ve had a lot of inquiries about:

  • Canine Massage
  • Advanced Canine Sports Medicine

Which classes are you most interested in, and which dates and locations do you prefer? Please let us know by emailing us at info@caninerehabinstitute.com. We will look at the responses before making final plans.

If you would like to attend our upcoming CE courses, please be sure to read future newsletters for the announcement of course openings.

Registration Is Open for Spring Courses in Germany!3779d6ae-2802-44bc-a9a6-af6435623aaf

Registration is now open for our two upcoming courses in Frankfurt, Germany!

We are offering Canine Sports Medicine from May 26-28 and Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation from May 30-June 3.

Both courses will once again be held at Tierärztliches Orthopädie Team Frankfurt (formerly known as Praxis für Tiermedizin & Chiropraktik) at its newly renovated facility in Frankfurt.

Visit our German Program page for more details about both courses and a link to register.

Registration Is Open for Canine Sports Medicine in the UK in September!0384fdbc-8290-499f-b45c-8dd515f3633b

The Canine Rehabilitation Institute is excited to be returning to the United Kingdom! We will be presenting our Canine Sports Medicine course September 2-4, 2017, at the University of Surrey’s new School of Veterinary Medicine. This brand-new veterinary school has amazing state-of-the-art facilities all in a beautiful park-like setting with hotels nearby in Guildford.

Visit our UK Program page for complete details and a registration link.

We plan to continue with the two remaining courses in our certification program – Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation and The Canine Rehabilitation Therapist – assuming we have sufficient demand. For more details, please see the UK Program page on our website.


The Canine Sports Medicine course will be held at the University of Surrey’s brand-new School of Veterinary Medicine.


CRI graduates Javier Gil Marinez-Darve, DVM, MRCVS, CCRT (left), Amy Watson, MA, VetMB, MRCVS, CCRT (third from left), and Pete van Dongen, DVM, Cert VR, MRCVS, CCRT (with his wife, Carry) met with CRI founder and CEO Dr. Janet Van Dyke (second from left) to work on logistics for the course.

CRI Graduates: Request Your Certificates!f0f62f96-57e8-4594-bb7f-9c2d0aa5ce33.jpg

CRI graduates: If you have finished your CCRT or CCRA certification, we would like to send you your certificate! If you have not yet submitted a certificate application, please be sure to do so. We have sent emails to a number of students, but have not received some responses. To request your certificate, please email Kathy Coffman at kathy@caninerehabinstitute.com.

Interested in Some Expert Advice for Your Practice?

Plans are in the works to offer a practice-consulting service to CRI students and graduates, led by CRI founder and CEO Dr. Janet Van Dyke and CRI faculty member Dr. Steve Steinberg who teaches The Business of Canine Rehabilitation. More details will be available in the months ahead. If you are interested, please email us at info@caninerehabinstitute.com.

Be Careful With Protected Terms Such as “Physical Therapy” and “Veterinary Medicine.” 

CRI students and graduates, please remember that you may only use protected terms such as “physical therapy” and “veterinary medicine” in your advertising materials if you are licensed in these fields. We discuss protected terms during Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation, and we hope everyone continues to remember and follow the recommendations provided.

CRI Graduates: Is Your Contact Information Still Correct?d418ed30-7d48-4d09-b27b-49ebe167334c

If you are a CRI graduate, please check your listing in the Find a Therapist online directory and make sure the contact information is correct. If you have any updates, please email Joyce Rudzitis, CRI’s chief operating officer.

OrthoPets Case Study: Bailey

We’ve asked our colleagues at OrthoPets to share case studies with us as a way of providing more education about orthotics and prosthetics.

Bailey is a 6-year-old MC Labrador that is currently a patient of one of our Partner Clinics in San Francisco. Dr. Illana Strubel, owner of A Well Adjusted Pet, has come to OrthoPets and studied the use of our orthotic and prosthetic devices to use with her patients.

Bailey presented in September 2016 with a history of toe touching weight-bearing and non-weight bearing lameness intermittently over the previous 4 months. The radiographs showed inflammation and DJD changes in the left stifle with mild changes in the right stifle as well. He had a medial buttress palpable bilaterally with minimal to no cranial drawer or tibial thrust palpable on awake evaluation. He did show adequate range of motion, was able to sit and lie squarely. His measurements showed a 1-2 cm muscle mass discrepancy between the left and right thighs on girth measurements. The radiographic and physical exam conclusion was that they suspected a chronic partial to complete cranial cruciate ligament tear, +/- meniscal injury, with secondary degenerative change and crus muscle disuse atrophy for the left stifle. The conclusion for the right stifle was suspicion for equivocal increase of right stifle joint fluid volume with minimal tibial osteophyte; concern for possible early/mild partial cranial cruciate ligament tear and +/- meniscal injury.

The owners’ goal was to avoid surgery on the left pelvic limb and increase Bailey’s comfort. Due to his discomfort, they had to decrease his walks, which led to a 10-pound weight gain. When OrthoPets received Bailey’s measurements, fiberglass impression and media, we were able to analyze his gait to determine the most appropriate orthotic design for him. In some cases, when a pet has non-prominent malleoli or an extended terminal stance tarsal angle, a tarsal cuff component is required for suspension of the orthosis because standard use of the tarsal anatomy will not be sufficient.

Bailey was fit with his stifle orthosis and has been doing very well. He is continuing his rehabilitation with Dr. Strubel. She reports that he is building back muscle mass and has been able to go on walks with the dog walker to get his weight back on track. His owners are very pleased with his progress, and best of all Bailey is happy!


CRI Offers Sponsorship Opportunities.e37f3f32-5502-41a9-9758-70ef2b788082

CRI is now offering the following opportunities for sponsorship.

  • Place a Banner Ad in the CRI e-Newsletter
  • Sponsor a Lunch & Learn
  • Sponsor a Lunch
  • Sponsor a Dinner Presentation
  • Sponsor a Continuing Education Course

For complete details, download the Sponsorship Opportunities flier.

To become a sponsor, please contact Emily Selbe at emily.selbe@att.net.

efafd40a-b8e3-4335-ad9c-4be7fa228be4Thank You, Purina, for Your Support!    

Our sincere thanks to Purina for supporting our Canine Sports Medicine courses through Lunch & Learns throughout 2016.

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The American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation has a monthly newsletter edited by Dr. Janet Van Dyke, CRI founder and CEO. If you are interested in receiving regular updates from the college, sign up for this newsletter by going to the ACVSMR website.

Thank You to the Following Sponsors for Their Support!





87ba7ab1-7abc-47c3-b237-46f85cc1efe6CRI courses are held year-round in locations across the country. Visit our website at www.caninerehabinstitute.com for more information including a complete course calendar.

Don’t forget that CCRTs and CCRAs are eligible for a 10% discount on most CRI Continuing Education Courses!