Tarsus (Hock/Ankle) and Paw Brace

An OrthoPets Tarsal Orthosis (hock/ankle and paw dog brace) can be a great solution to provide comfort and support for your pet’s injury or instability. There are many orthopedic conditions of the tarsus (hock) joint that may affect your pet’s mobility. OrthoPets custom fabricates each animal’s brace for their individual needs.

One of the most common conditions presented to OrthoPets is an injury to the Achilles tendon complex. Our dog braces can be used pre-op, post-op, or in lieu of surgery. While the tarsus joint may not be affected, a tarsal orthosis (hock brace) may be appropriate to provide support to an injured or deformed paw. OrthoPets even fabricates custom paw insoles! The device design will be determined by your veterinarian’s prescribed therapeutic goals for your pet.

Through the appropriate application and use of an OrthoPets Tarsal Orthosis (dog hock brace), coupled with rehabilitation therapy, your pet can regain lost quality of life, mobility, comfort, and function.

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You will find examples of our unique tarsal orthoses (dog hock braces) below.



When your pet is limping due to discomfort caused by an injury or instability, we understand the impact this has not only to the quality of life of your pet, but also to your family. Our sole focus is on the design and support of our custom animal orthotics and prosthetics to restore your pet’s mobility.

Common Injuries:

  • Achilles complex
  • Post-op arthodesis
  • Medial and lateral collateral injury
  • Digital flexor(s) injury
  • Hyper-extension instability
  • Neurological positioning control
  • Immobilize tibiotarsal joint

Mechanics of Device:

  • 3 point corrective system
  • Static or dynamic support