After our 4 year old Chocolate Lab, Jack, had been diagnosed with 2 torn ACL’s, and the devastation had set in regarding the cost of these surgeries, I decided to do some research myself on alternative options for recovery.  I came across the OrthoPet’s website and chose to make a phone call.

The staff was extremely informative and compassionate regarding what we were currently being faced with.  Since we live only an hour away from their facility, I opted to drive up for a consultation.

Dr. Patsy and her assistant looked over our existing x-ray and concluded that Jack was a good candidate for a stifle brace.  They took precise measurements and prepared to make the casting of his leg.  The procedure only took about an hour-and-a-half, and we were headed back home.  A week later, his brace was ready, and we set-off on another road trip to Denver for his fitting!

At this appointment, they fit the device to his leg, gave us a ‘break-in’ orientation on how to use the brace, and gave us a sheet of rehabilitation exercises to help Jack along.

Not long after receiving his first brace, a second one was necessary for his other leg.

Currently, Jack uses 2 stifle braces on his rear legs.  The adjustment period was brief, and he is now a much happier dog being able to go on long walks once again, and hopefully, start back up with his swimming routine as the weather starts getting warmer!

Aside from a little ‘extra’ daily dog-preparation, the braces have given him another chance to live out his happy, youthful years, without my having to mortgage my home to pay for it!

Thank you, OrthoPets, for offering such a wonderful, cost-effective, proven alternative to expensive surgery!

-M.K.  Colo Spgs., CO