Hi everyone!
My golden retriever Jack was born with a congenital problem. He has a luxating patella, the signal of which appeared when he was 15 months. It was in August 2012.
At that time, I took him to the family vet, who happens to be an orthopedist. It was when he diagnosed Jack’s kneecap problem.
He placed Jack at a grade II patellar luxation and told me not to pursue surgery because the post-operation for dogs is very complicate. And he tried to convince me that we would have to live with it. That we just had had a bad run of luck.
Jack was given then an infiltration injection, which eased his pain a bit. However, after a month, Jack’s hobbling was even worse. I called him again and he was very categorical by saying that there was nothing to be done. I should not worry that much and should try not to pass my preoccupation to the dog.
Nothing was not an answer to me. At all.
My sister, who lives in Ocala, FL, offered to send me a pony brace she saw at a local pet store, on which I should make some adjustments to fit it on Jack. I remember that I was speaking with her on skype, and as we talked I googled: dogs braces, and guess what? I came across ORTHOPETS.
I was absolutely astounded by the information on the site. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw some of the photos you posted. But, I was not sure you offered assistance oversees.
Well, I e-mailed your company for information on October 10th last year, 2012, and Shawna got in touch with me soon enough with all the pertinent info I should know about your custom fabricated devices.
The whole process, I mean, going through Q&As e-mails exchange, cast-molding, shipping Jack’s fiberglass impression and getting his device, was very fast. In early November I received Jack’s stifle brace. More precisely on the 8th.
I was very anxious to get home on that Thursday to put it on him and see how he would behave in it. The time seemed never come, for I work in São Paulo but live in the countryside – 1 1/2 hour away.
Guys, believe me: It was AWESOME! Past a couple of minutes in it, Jack walked much better. He gave me signs I was on the right track. What a wonderful alternative!
He had never been so active in his life. Now, he is really enjoying himself. He simply loves swimming, and he didn’t do it as much before. Your brace has put him back to his favourite pastime. Not seeing him aside when the others are jumping and diving is a blessing!
Sadly, dogs orthopedics in Brazil leaves a lot to be desired. When I showed your site to them ( I consulted more than one vet) and all the PAWssibilities it might bring, I was not given much credit. My endeavours were being mishandled, but I never gave up.
Last week, January 07th, I spent one afternoon with one of the vets on my ranch with the purpose of observing Jack. This vet was absolutely surprised by seeing how well Jack was walking in his stifle brace. And a couple of days later I received an e-mail congratulating me on my efforts towards this issue.
I couldn’t finish this without giving my special thanks to Shawna, who has proved to be a very devoted professional. Since our first contact, she made me feel “at home”. She never created anxiety and never gave me more than I could chew. She has a very down-to-earth and to the point attitude.
I had all my e-mails answered and all questions properly addressed. Shawna, thanks for your patience. And Keep up with the good work!
I still have some small points to cover with respect to Jack’s knee, and I count on your guidance, Orthopets Team!

Yara, from Brazil