This is Mitzi, a 1 year old female toy poodle who unfortunately was run over by a tram, severing her paw at the mid-metacarpal region on the right front limb. She was taken to the emergency vet where she was stabilized and amputation at the shoulder was planned for the next day. Fortunately the owner hesitated at this and sought the opinion of a Veterinary Specialist who I work with. We discussed the possibility of a prosthesis for Mitzi and the owner was certainly keen to proceed. Mitzi required a pouch flap surgical procedure, where her stump was sewn into her abdominal wall for 2 weeks to provide skin closure to the wound on the remaining part of the paw.Once this all healed 3 weeks after releasing the limb from the abdomen and closing her paw wound complete with new skin flap, she was cast for her stage 1 Prosthesis. We fit the device 2.5 weeks later and she walked straight out of the consult room in the device, weight bearing every step! Mitzi has undergone intensive rehabilitation over 2 months in our facility at OrthoPets Australia to re-educate her to use the new device at all gait speeds, as well as strengthening the limb and addressing muscle soreness that occurs as the muscles adapt to a new device. She now ambulates using the prosthesis at all gait speeds, can jumpon the furniture and go up and down stairs. As an Animal Physiotherapist its extremely important to me to restore a body back to its original format, restoring balance to the body, maximizing mobility and quality of life. Mitzi’s OrthoPets prosthesis, combined with her rehabilitation has enabled me to do this for this sweet little dog. Her owner is ecstatic and it’s a lovely outcome!!

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