Hello OrthoPets, I just wanted to write and let you know how fantastic it has been since we got the brace for Chico’s leg. She adapted to it extremely quickly and she has been to the beach and in the sea, things we never thought she would do again.

I think the products you provide are brilliant along with the support you give afterwards. I am so glad we found you because in our opinion the brace is a much better option than the operation we could have had.

Obviously Chico is a bit like a walking advertisement for you, as so many people ask what she has done, I don’t heistate in telling them all about you and how great the brace is!

If you have anyone locally to me that is unsure about a brace and would like to see one in action, I don’t mind if they want to meet Chico!

Thank you for helping Chico get her OrthoPets Tarsal brace (dog ankle brace!)