Martin, Amy, Dr. Patsy, and OrthoPets staff, On behalf of our family and Jasmine, we would like to thank you so much for all you have done for our 7 year old German Short-haired pointer. Jasmine keeps improving daily. When she tore her ACL we really didn’t want to do the surgery route since she had just had surgery 3 months before to remove a 5 lb tumor attached to her spleen. In addition, we had heard horror stories of how the surgery is so hard on our 4-legged friends and the fact that sometimes it doesn’t take the first time and eventually you may have to do the other leg since it gets overworked. We really didn’t want to go through with this. We were reading an article called “Say No to Surgery” in the whole dog journal which mentioned your company and orthodics and how they have helped other canine owners in the past. Was I really excited to find out that you were located in our state, let alone less than 3 miles from our home. It was meant to be. In the 2 months since Jasmine has had her brace, she has gotten stronger and it doing so well. She loves to run and play with balls and hunt. Jasmine has not been able to hunt for over a year. 1) because she injured her knee a year ago and 2) because when she reinjured it, we weren’t sure she would ever be the same and we didn’t want her to hurt. After our visits with your wonderful staff, we were so excited to hear from Patsy that there might be a chance she will hunt again. This is Jasmine’s most favorite thing in the world to do. All we wanted as a family was for her to enjoy playing, walking and running like she used to, but to hunt would be tremendous. Jasmine has done so well in her rehabilitation because 1) she is eager to please all and 2) she really enjoys the exercises and the attention. Jasmine will be starting her hydrotherapy in just a couple of weeks to improve her strength and muscle tone. We can’t wait. She will do well as she has done thus far. We get lots of comments and people even pull over in their vehicles to ask what happened to her and where we got the brace when we are out walking. We pass on the name of your company to everyone we know. If there is ever anything that we can do for you, please let us know.

Thanks so much and keep up the good work