Pretzel and I wanted to thank all of the kind people at OrthoPets who have helped him regain mobility and enjoy pain-free exercise. Due to the unique shape of his legs (broken as a puppy), only a completely custom-made device would fit him.

Within a week he had achieved a very natural gait while wearing the brace. Since Pretzel can now put his full weight on the braced left leg, his right front leg is also feeling better. We may eventually get a brace for the right leg also, if it is needed. He can now run at the dog park and play with kids until he is tired instead of stopping at 15 minutes because his legs hurt.

After only a few days Pretzel recognized his brace as a signal that we were going to go do something fun and will bounce over to the door and raise his paw have the brace put on when I pick it up.

Robin and Pretzel the Wonder Dog