Our dog, Pupski, ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament on her right hind leg in late April 2012. We had never heard of this type of injury before, but now, of course, we know it’s all too common. We took Pupski to several vets and received advice ranging from “wait and see” to “immediate surgery required.” After a lot of research on the internet we concluded that we wanted to try using a leg brace to help her heal, before deciding on surgery. OrthoPets was one of the manufacturers we learned about, the reviews were good, and with some hunting we discovered that OrthoPets Canada is within a half-day drive of our home. By the time we showed up for our appointment with OrthoPets Canada, we knew that we wanted the brace, but the thorough examination of the dog and the explanations we received from Dr. Calverly added to our confidence.

Pupski We waited anxiously for the custom-made brace to arrive from Denver. There was a shipping glitch, but OrthoPets overcame that with fast work in Denver. Once the brace arrived, OrthoPets Canada showed us how to fit it on the dog and explained how to get her accustomed to using it. Since we received the brace, OrthoPets has been prompt to answer our questions as they have come up. The brace worked well from the beginning, but we did send it to Denver once for fine-tuning, and again OrthoPets worked quickly to get it back to us.

It’s now mid-August. It’s too soon to say what the long-term outcome will be, but wearing the brace Pupski has regained much of her former active life, and we’re very optimistic. We believe that the quality of OrthoPets product and the company’s support are a big factor in her recovery.