Dear ortho pets team,

I have been meaning to send this email for quite sometime now, but what do you say to the people who gave your dog his life back? Riley was only 20 months old when he tore his CCL. I chose stem cells, rest and rehab over surgery, but keeping a young lab quiet was a daunting task. He eventually healed, and then reinjured himself. It was then that I found you guys. Riley’s brace arrived, and it fit perfectly. How could that be, you had never even seen a picture of my dog yet his brace fit! He put that brace through its paces, and it still looks new!! Riley then tore his other CCL, and it was a no brainer to choose to brace him. To know that he was safe, that he could still run around and not injure himself further, that’s a feeling that no one can put a price on. We got stopped a lot on our walks, it’s not everyday in small town Maine that you see a dog in stifle braces. My vet was intrigued, our dog physical therapist was intrigued, and Riley was healing. Today, Riley is 6. He turns 7 next month. I told you I have been meaning to write this for a while!!! He runs 3 miles with me, he hikes, he swims, yesterday I got asked if he was 3!! There are days where I watch him run and it brings tears to my eyes. He hasn’t needed his stifle braces for a few years now, but I will never forget what they gave him. I will never forget your employees. They responded to every email and phone call with professionalism and kindness. I could tell that everyone there cares about the animal. I am not sure thank you adequately expresses my gratitude, but I am truly at a loss for any other words.

So OrthoPets; Thank you. Thank you for your kindness, your professionalism, and for caring about my dog as much as I do. Thank you for what you do for animals all over the world, because without you so many animals would be living lives of pain. Most of all, thank you for giving my dog his life back, and for allowing me the joy of being able to watch him run today.

Sincerely, Riley & Julie