Hi Martin,

My name is Janet and my dog Roxy, has been wearing her braces made by your company for over 2 years. She tore the ACL in both knees about 2 weeks apart and would most likely had to have been put down if it were not for your braces. She is about to celebrate her 13th birthday and is still going strong. She runs, spins and jumps just as she did before her injuries. It only took her about a week to adjust to them and it’s all been uphill since then. She is cooperative in having them taken off and put back on. It’s almost like she knows they help her. Of course they look a little worse for the wear and I have had to replace the velcro straps numerous times but overall they are holding up great. I just wanted to share our story with you and let you know how grateful we are for what you were able to do for our pet. We enjoy every day we have with her.

Thank you,