Dear Martin:

We are writing to whole-heartedly endorse your company, your products and you. As you know Scarlett, our 10-year old Weimaraner, ruptured her carpus tendon in June of 2007. After unsuccessful surgery to reconstruct her tendon she was left in a cast with little hope of any other solution than to surgically fuse the wrist, a less that certain surgery that would have cost an additional several thousand dollars. I searched the Web for an alternate route and found Ortho Pets. After many conversations (during which you and your staff were extremely patient and helpful) we decided to have you fabricate a solid carpus brace for Scarlett.

We had her orthopedic surgeon make the mold for her leg, sent it to you and you had her brace back to us in a matter of only 10 days! We put it on and Scarlett went to the park for the first time in over four months! Naturally, there was a little tenderness and we needed to send the brace back to you for one adjustment but since then Scarlett has been wearing the brace daily for her walks and playtime at the park. She has now built up enough scar tissue not to have to wear the brace around the house but it allows her to go on her daily walks with us and play with her brother Atticus the Boxer at the park.

We are so very pleased with the service and the results we got from working with you and your staff. You gave our beloved pet several more years of quality life and companionship. We hope others hear of your work and avail themselves of your services. If there is ever anything we can do to act as a referral or talk to any of your prospective clients please feel free to have them contact us.

We thank you and Scarlett thanks you.

Gratefully yours,
Chuck and June