Dear Mr. Kaufmann and Amy,

Attached find photos of Zoe with her brace. The first photo shows how happy she is to put the brace on. I think she knows that the brace keeps her steady. The next photos show her running around and jumping in the air catching her toy.

Because of her age, 12 1/2, I did not want to put her through the 6 months of slow recovery that is involved in a TPLO surgery (she has both meniscus and ACL tears). We had put my boyfriend’s younger dog through TPLO–with great success–but I knew it would take a heavy toll on Zoe if she was forced to go through that recuperation.

The brace has been great. She took to it right away. She sidles up to me when I pick it up for our morning run/walk. Zoe has run with me every day since she was 1, so she actually became depressed when she could not run with me after her initial injury. Now she is able to do a run/walk with me every day. It’s not as long or as fast as the “old days” but her spirits are up and she’s happy and excited the whole way.

Thanks much!
Bethany and Zoe