OrthoPets is like nothing you have ever seen in veterinary medicine. OrthoPets
offers custom orthotics (braces) and prosthetics manufactured to the same
standards and with the same bioengineering skill used for human patients in a
full-time on site and virtual clinic with a human orthotist and veterinary specialist
collaborating on every case.


Recognizing a need

The concept of OrthoPets originated in 2003 when Martin Kaufmann, a certified
human ped-orthotist and prosthetist, first applied his training and experience to
the animal healthcare industry. His first patient, Walt, suffered a neurologic injury
and amputation was recommended. Using knowledge of human patients with
similar functional deficits, Martin created an orthotic device to reposition the limb
allowing Walt to walk on four legs again.
This rewarding challenge soon became a full-time pursuit and OrthoPets was
launched as the first dedicated Veterinary Orthotics and Prosthetics (VOP) Clinic
in the world. One by one, Martin helped animals regain the lifestyle they once
enjoyed. OrthoPets grew rapidly and in 2006 moved from the Kaufmann’s
garage to a small manufacturing facility in north Denver. Martin’s wife, Amy,
joined the endeavor as head of sales and marketing. From 2003 OrthoPets
provided mobility solutions to more than 15,000 animals, in all 50 states and on 3

Growing into the Future

In 2014 Dr. Felix Duerr, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and board-certified
canine sports medicine and rehabilitation joined the OrthoPets team. The
mission envisioned by the Kaufmanns and Dr. Duerr was to positively impact the
quality of life of animal patients and their human companions through innovative
solutions for animal pain and mobility issues. Their purpose was to pioneer the
specialty of VOP as a compliment to existing standards of care through custom
engineered external coaptation (CEEC). Their goal became setting the bar as the
world leader in VOP through creative design, integrity, and service.
With his knowledge of primary veterinary healthcare and his specialized training
in orthopedics and sports medicine is the driving force behind research and
testing. Using the human process as a model, patients at this center will enjoy
the expertise and collaboration of specialists in the fields of modern, integrative
veterinary pain medicine, VOP, and veterinary rehabilitation under one roof. No
such facility exists anywhere in the world.

In response to increased demand and a rapidly developing industry, OrthoPets
moved into their new Westminster Colorado facility in October 2014. More than 4
times larger than the previous facility, the new OrthoPets location houses a full-
time VOP clinic in which cases are collaboratively managed by Martin and a
virtual clinic in which technology (email, skype, video conferencing) allows
national and international patients to receive the services provided in the Denver
clinic, and OrthoPets fabrication lab where custom devices are designed,
manufactured, and refurbished. OrthoPets is available to help you throughout
your journey.

New Tools and Partnership for Veterinarians

VOP is truly a new tool in the veterinarian’s therapeutic repertoire. All devices
are custom manufactured using the same adaptive technologies and materials
developed on the human side. Common devices for the forelimbs include
prosthetics for issues mid antebrachium and below; carpus devices include
solutions for hyperextension, premature physeal closure, collateral ligament
injury, and distal radial neoplasia. Devices for the hindlimbs include prosthetics
for issues at or below the hock; hock injuries amenable to bracing include
hyperextension, achilles tendon injuries (surgical or nonsurgical), collateral
ligament injury, and luxation; stifle braces include solutions for cranial cruciate
injury, luxating patella, and osteoarthritis. Devices are adaptable for use pre-op,
post op, or no op as primary external coaptation, dynamic support, sports
bracing, and limb replacement.

A crucial aspect of the OrthoPets vision and mission is to give each patient a
second chance to enjoy a normal life. By partnering with various animal
healthcare professionals (family veterinarians, veterinary surgeons, veterinary
neurologists, veterinary rehabilitation therapists), OrthoPets has successfully
provided solutions to old problems and created new options never before

Knowledge and Experience Provide Adaptability

Since 2003, OrthoPets has found great success in applying the same adaptive
technologies developed for human orthotics and prosthetics to the care for
animal patients. Use of these devices in animals requires a new way of thinking
because of differences in movement (e.g. 4 legs, wings, hooves, paws), activity
(e.g. agility, sporting, flying, swinging through trees, guarding sheep, sleeping on
the couch!), size (e.g. 5 lb Chihuahua, 800 lb calf), and environment (e.g. carpeted
house, snow, barnyard, zoo enclosure). Understanding biomechanics of
movement and the forces applied to a limb as an animal goes about normal
activity is paramount. Through years of experience and knowledge the
engineers and veterinarians at OrthoPets are able to customize a mobility
solution for each individual.