Many clients and vets ask why we need media for case intake. Aren’t the impression and measurements enough? 

The impression and measurements are of course critical, but they only represent a static leg. When we receive the still photos, that helps us compare the impression with what the leg “really” looks like. The videos bring the complete case to life for us and help us see what your dog is like in motion. From the videos we can see not just what the your dog’s leg is like standing still, but ranges of joint angles, gait, and much more.

What if my dog recently had surgery or can’t walk?

Of course we don’t want to jeopardize any surgical repairs or cause any further issues for your pet. If a dog is in a cast, owner and vet can coordinate to take photos at a bandage change, or send us photos of the opposite limb. Likewise, videos can be done in a cast with focus on the good leg, and, if necessary, with a sling or harness used to assist the dog. Please contact OrthoPets if you have questions about your situation.

Check out our sample video showing what views we find most helpful here: