We’ve just created a new document to help clients and vets with taking and sending photos and videos to us! Check out the full document here.

OrthoPets Media

Whether you are (a) sending in your case to get started, (b) fitting your device for the first time, or you are (c) seeking help to solve fit & function concerns; your media provides OrthoPets the data required to provide you with the service and support your pet deserves.

Camera Positioning Is Critical

  • To capture the required pictures and videos of your pet, it is critical to:
    Hold your camera at the same elevation as your pet’s affected anatomical joint
  • Hold your camera stationary while your pet walks through your field of view
  • OrthoPets has provided a short instructional video demonstrating this technique for you:

3-2- 1: Media Process

Using our simple 3-2- 1 media process, you can quickly and effortlessly provide OrthoPets with the required media we need to assess your pet’s conformation, angulation, and gait pattern.

3 Still Photos of your pet’s affected limb while your pet is standing:

  • Front (cranial) surface of limb
  • Outside (lateral) surface of limb
  • Back (caudal) surface of limb

2 Walking Videos of your pet:

  • Side-to- side: Your pet walks from left to right and right to left in front of
    the camera
  • Front-to- back: Your pet walks towards the camera and away from the

1 Simple Way to send media:

  • OrthoPets utilizes “Filemail” transfer program enabling you to send
    large files from your mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer: https://orthopets.com/my-pets- journey/