Danyel Wynn DVM, CCRT, cVMA started her career at an equine rehabilitation center for injured or abused horses. She would assist with performing physical therapy on the horses and once healed train them to assist special needs children through hippotherapy. This motivated her to pursue a bachelors in physiology and veterinary science from the University of Arizona.

While in college Dr. Wynn performed research at the Arizona Cancer Center studying drug development to prevent the migration of ovarian cancer. In 2009 she then moved to Colorado to pursue her doctorates in veterinary medicine from Colorado State University.

Upon graduation she worked in wildlife anesthesiology in South Africa. Danyel has worked on many species including rhinos, lions, giraffes, wildebeests, monkeys, zebra, and sables.

Upon returning to the US she worked in general practice while pursuing her certification in rehabilitation and acupuncture. She has also undergone training in pain management through Peak Performance. After transitioning to sports medicine she quickly worked up to becoming medical director at one the local rehab clinics.

Dr. Wynn has great experience in teaching veterinarians, physical therapists and technicians from all over the world. She is a mentor for Canine Rehabilitation Institute and Bel Rea Community College. She is always happy to take on any challenge and strives to help pets get back on their paws.

Dr. Wynn started Walking Paws Rehab in 2017. She offers many services such as rehabilitation, laser therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, shockwave, ultrasound therapy, electrotherapy, manual therapy, hydrotherapy, and (V-OP) veterinary orthotics and prosthetic devices through OrthoPets.

For more information, please visit Walking Paws Rehab’s website

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