Dr. Jennifer King grew up in Northern Virginia. She graduated from St. George’s University Vet School in 2006. She has practiced veterinary medicine in Maryland since 2008 and became certified in rehabilitation & physical therapy in 2011. She is interested in neurology, ophthalmology, feline medicine and pain management. She practiced emergency medicine and rehabilitation for 5 years before joining Paradise Animal Hospital. After recently losing her three legged Doberman named Darby, she is down to just one furry companion a cat named Lovely (named by her son). But she has a full house with her two young sons, Robert and Isaac, husband Daniel and her mother whom helps care for the boys!

The rehabilitation center at Paradise Animal Hospital has an underwater treadmill, a pool, cold laser, ultrasound, E-stim and many exercise therapy tools. The team has worked together for more than 10 years and is excited to offer custom made OrthoPets devices as an option for our clients seeking a non surgical solution for orthopedic injury in their pets as well as facilitate the recovery from complex tension injuries.

For More Information, please visit: http://www.paradiseanimalhospital.com

We are always looking to partner with professionals that share the same goals and vision in animal rehabilitation! If you are a rehabilitation professional and are interested in becoming a partner clinic, please reach out to us at info@orthopets.com!