Audrey is a 2-year old female spayed Staffordshire Bull Terrier who was rescued after being found in an abandoned house with both pelvic limbs severed distal to the tarsi (dog ankles). She has a history of incontinence, suspecting a neurological injury as well.

She presented to Animal Medical Center after several revisional surgeries due to skin complications and failed prosthetics from a different prosthetic company.

Audrey was prescribed bilateral non-articulating below tarsal prosthetics of different limb length discrepancies. Despite the neurological and skin challenges that Audrey was up against, she took to the prosthetics very well right away!

Audrey has undergone multiple revisional surgeries since first prescribed prosthetics, as well as re-design/adjustments of her current devices, to help prevent re-occuring skin wounds. She is a fighter with a sweet demeanor despite the unfair trauma she’s endured. Her dedicated adopter parents are ensuring she becomes as successful as possible with her prosthetics to give her back the mobility that was cruelly taken from her. OrthoPets continues to root for Audrey!