Our vision at OrthoPets is to improve our patient’s quality of life through innovative prosthetic & orthotic solutions.


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On behalf of the entire team at OrthoPets, thank you for entrusting your pet’s care with us for a custom brace or prosthetic solution. We strive to support you, your veterinarian and your pet in all that we do. Our solutions are available through your local veterinarian, any of our OrthoPets Partner Clinics located across the United States and through our worldwide Distributors.

If you are local to the Denver, Colorado area, we offer a mobile service to meet with you and your veterinarian at their clinic.


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Stifle orthoses (dog knee braces) are designed to provide support and stability for canine acl tears. Dog CCL (Cranial Cruciate Ligament) tears are one of the most common orthopedic injuries that veterinarians and owners are presented with.

OrthoPets also designs stifle braces for many other injuries affecting the stability and comfort of the your dog’s knee (stifle). While each dog brace we fabricate is unique, all leg supports are designed to meet the biomechanical requirements of the individual patient.

Through the appropriate application and use of an OrthoPets Stifle Orthosis (dog knee brace), coupled with rehabilitation therapy, your pet can regain lost quality of life, mobility, comfort, and function.

Please feel free to contact us via phone or email with any questions you may have.

You will find examples of our unique stifle orthoses (dog knee braces) below.

The Process

We understand how difficult it is to see your pet limping and uncomfortable. Our process has been developed to ensure that your pet receives the highest level of care and compassion. You will find helpful information here to assist you and your veterinarian through this exciting process from the intial evaluation appointment, to your last rehabilitation graduation appointment.

Our mission and focus is to provide expert guidance and excellent support to you and your veterinarian through your experience with OrthoPets.

Initial Evaluation

Fabrication Process
Delivery/Initial Fitting

Follow Up/Rehab

OrthoPets Solutions

Each brace and prosthetic solution we fabricate is uniquely and specifically designed to meet the prescribed therapeutic goals provided by your veterinarian. Our products are engineered to be the most advanced, biomechanically appropriate, brace and prosthetic solutions available within the animal brace and prosthetic industry.

A large portion of our products and services include animal braces, prosthetics, and dog knee braces. While the canine ACL tear (Cranial Cruciate Ligament rupture) continues to be our leading dog brace solution that we fabricate, we also provide solutions for large animals and exotic species.

Our focus when designing and fabricating your brace or prosthetic solution is to reduce pain and lameness, provide support and comfort, and most of all, return your pet’s quality of life through restored mobility.

You and your pet are about to embark on an exciting treatment option and we are privileged to partner with you and your veterinarian throughout this journey.

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Not sure what’s right for your pet?

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