Hobble Vest for Dogs

OrthoPets Hobble Vest is a specialized dog device (or vest) that can be used to help support and stabilize dogs with medial shoulder instabilities. Medial shoulder instabilities in dogs are similar to a rotator cuff injury in humans. These types of injuries typically present with your dog presenting with minor limping to almost non-weight bearing. Patients with medial shoulder instabilities will typically show unwillingness to make tight turns.

A Hobble Vest provides support to your dog’s leg(s) with medial shoulder instabilities. These types of injuries are commonly a result of an injury of the medial glenohumeral ligament and can be the result of a sprain and/or tear. Shoulder injuries can present with your dog showing lameness and can range from moderate to severe. These injuries typically become significantly worse after extended exercise. Medial shoulder instabilities often occur in sporting and athletic dogs, and can sometimes occur in older dogs who slip when trying to get up from a slick floor. Medial shoulder injuries are often the result of repeated stress to the glenohumeral ligament.

Patients with medial shoulder instabilities typically present with decreased mobility and lameness. Medial shoulder instabilities are diagnosed by your Veterinarian through skilled manipulation (often under sedation) and are required to rule out a more common injury to a thoracic limb.

A Hobble Vest used for a medial shoulder instability to prevent the forelimbs from abducting or moving away from the patient’s midline. These injuries are typically treated in conjunction with restricted activity, arthoscopy, shockwave therapy, or laser therapy. The use of professional rehabilitation has proved to significantly improve patient recovery.

Below you will find examples OrthoPets Hobble Vest for dogs. Please call or e-mail OrthoPets and ask to speak with a Case Manager who can answer your questions and discuss how an OrthoPets Hobble Vest may help improve your dog’s mobility needs.

Medial Shoulder Instability Hobble Vest

Common Injuries:

  • Medial shoulder instability

Mechanics of Device:

  • Abduction control & support
Medial shoulder instability in the dog can be likened to “rotator cuff” injury in humans. The most commonly injured structure is the medial glenohumeral ligament. This injury presents as a mild to moderate lameness made worse after exercise. The injury can be caused by repeated stress in sporting and athletic dogs or by sprawling out with legs wide when slipping in senior dogs. Diagnosis is made by a veterinarian skilled in manipulation of the shoulder after ruling out more common causes of thoracic limb injury. Treatment includes
  • Activity restriction
  • Limiting abduction (limb moving away from midline). The OrthoPets hobble vest holds the injured limb in alignment beneath the shoulder to prevent abduction.
  • Arthroscopy, shockwave therapy, and LASER are used in some cases.
  • Professional rehabilitation significantly aids recovery.