Braces and Prosthetic Solutions

OrthoPets offers custom made devices for pre-op, post-op, and non-op orthopedic solutions for pets! Orthotic (braces) and prosthetic (re-placement of limb) devices are custom made by digitally scanning a fiberglass impression of a patient’s limb. This digital scan creates a 3-D model of the patients limb which is digitally sculpted to create the final shape of the device that will be fabricated through state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques including computer aided milling and carving, vacuum forming, 3-D printing, and assembly. To view more of our unique solutions or learn more about our devices, please check out the links below. OrthoPets does require a referral form signed by the rDVM, a measurement form, pictures, and videos of each patient. We do this to ensure that we not only comply with Veterinary practice guidelines but to ensure that our patient receives the most biomechanically appropriate solution. We love seeing our patients through the process and we find this media invaluable enabling our team to better serve the needs of our patients. OrthoPets works on an average of 175 patients per month from all over the world. If your pet has a stifle (knee joint), tarsus (hock joint), carpus(wrist joint), elbow joint injury or is missing part of a limb, we can help! To learn more about the different orthotic and prosthetic device solutions that we offer, please click on the hyperlinks below. Considerations for an orthosis Considerations for a prosthesis

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