OrthoPets Forms & Documents

OrthoPets provides the most advanced Veterinary Orthotics and Prosthetics (Brace & Prosthetic Solutions) in the industry. We have designed a comprehensive process to ensure we are able to support you and your veterinarian throughout your pet’s journey.

OrthoPets requires 3 documents including the referral form (Veterinary Prescription), the customer contract, and device specific measurement forms in order to begin your case along with your fiberglass impression AND we also require MEDIA (Pictures and video).

Human/Dog Comparison
We also have included consideration documents that describe your pet’s journey and to ensure that an orthotic or prosthetic mobility device is the best solution for you and your pet.

Our forms and documents have been organized by type of device for your convenience. Not only will you find the required documents and helpful information but video links of the fiberglass impression technique.

Everything you need! One place! Simple!

Hobble Vest Paperwork
Toe-Up Device Paperwork

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Please Review Case Documents
Required Case Documents:
Toe Up Measurement Form
Toe Up Sizing

Other Helpful Information:
Rehabilitation Considerations

The required paperwork to be sent in with your pet’s fiberglass impression include, but may not be limited to depending on the case, a Referral Form filled out and signed by the referring veterinarian, a Customer Contract* signed by the client and a specific Measurement Form filled out by the referring veterinarian.

*A Customer Contract must be signed by the paying party as well if someone other than the client is paying (ie. Veterinary clinic)