The OrthoPets Process

We understand how difficult it is to see your pet limping and uncomfortable. Our process has been developed to ensure that your pet receives the highest level of care and compassion. You will find helpful information here to assist you and your veterinarian through this exciting process from the intial evaluation appointment, to your last rehabilitation graduation appointment.

Our mission and focus is to provide expert guidance and excellent support to you and your veterinarian throughout your experience with OrthoPets.

Initial Evaluation

a. To begin this exciting journey the most critical step is the evaluation, assessment and goal setting for your V-OP solution. The referring veterinarian will expertly evaluate the patient to determine the diagnosis, treatment options and provide the prescription for the V-OP Solution. During this process, a fiberglass impression of the patient’s limb is created. If at anytime the veterinarian or client has questions regarding this process, they can contact one of our Case Managers. Specific paperwork including the following will be filled out:

  • Referral Form filled out and signed by the referring veterinarian
  • Measurement Form filled out by the referring veterinarian
  • Customer Contract signed by the client (if the clinic is paying for the device, a separate Customer Contract will need to be signed by the clinic as well)
  • All required documents and instructional videos can be located under the “Forms & Documents” section of our website.
  • During this appointment, the following media should be taken to appropriately assess conformation, condition and gait:
    • Ground level pictures of the affected limb while patient is standing from the front, side and back
    • Ground level videos of the patient walking with a stationary camera; patient walking to the right and left of camera as well as toward and away from the camera.
    • This media should be emailed to info@orthopets.com
    • Video: How to Take Patient Videos & Pictures

b. The fiberglass impression and required paperwork are sent to OrthoPets via the courier of your choice.

Fabrication Process

Once OrthoPets receives the fiberglass impression and required paperwork, our team of Case Managers will work in partnership with the referring veterinarian through the entire process. The Case Manager will contact the client and referring veterinarian within 1-business day of receiving the case to confirm medical details, costs and set up shipping/payment. We will ensure the most appropriate prescription V-OP device is designed for our patient and confirm the prescription goals can be achieved.

The V-OP device is manufactured in our state of the art manufacturing center through a digitalizing process of the fiberglass impression. The impression is turned into a 3D model that is digitally sculpted to create the final device shape. The carved model is vacuum formed with advanced plastics to create the custom made V-OP device. Once the foam liner, straps and pads are added, the device is ready for delivery.

The fabrication time for an orthosis is 5-7 business days. The fabrication for a prosthesis is 7-10 business days. A “rush” service of 3 business days is available upon request pending availability for an additional fee. OrthoPets provides custom devices and therefore, fabrication will not begin until full payment has been received.

Delivery/Initial Fitting

OrthoPets ships all devices to the referring veterinarian for delivery and fitting. Your package will include the device, fitting documents, wearing schedules and information regarding the care of your device. This enables the veterinarian to assess the fit and function of the device and confirm the prescription goals are being achieved.

The patient will be assessed for their functional abilities and in most cases a rehabilitation plan is developed to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved. During this appointment, fitting media should be taken to include:

  • Ground level pictures of the patient standing in the device from the front, side and back.
  • Ground level videos of the patient walking in the device from with a stationary camera; patient walking to the right and left and to and away from the camera.
  • Referring veterinarian’s observations


a. Follow-up appointments are critical in order to assess the patient’s functional abilities, ensure the patient is progressing as expected, prescription goals are being achieved and to ensure there are no developing complications. Most patients will be prescribed a comprehensive rehabilitation program to facilitate the best possible outcomes.

b. If concerns arise requiring adjustments to the device, media such as pictures and videos will be required so the referring veterinarian and OrthoPets Case Manager can facilitate a plan. Once all required information has been received, the Case Manager will inform the veterinarian and client to send the device to OrthoPets.

Adjustments are a normal part of the process and should be expected. Adjustments can take 1-3 business days to complete. OrthoPets does include 2 adjustments within the first 2 months for orthoses and 2 adjustments within the first 4 months for prostheses. All shipping costs to and from OrthoPets are the client’s responsibility.