Join the OrthoPets Partner Program

OrthoPets partners with veterinary clinics around the world! OrthoPets offers an OrthoPets Partner Practice Program for veterinary clinics that provide rehabilitation services in their own practice.

Currently OrthoPets has partnered with over 30 veterinary rehab clinics around the US. 

    What is the OrthoPets Partner Program?

    OrthoPets Partner Clinics are practices with a commitment to providing highest quality Veterinary Orthotics and Prosthetics (V-OP) solutions, patient support, and rehabilitation care. Partner clinics are integral to this emerging field sharing our goal of improving animal quality of life through state-of-the-art mobility solutions and technology.

    What are OrthoPets Mission and Values?

    At OrthoPets, we believe that all pets deserve a second chance for a mobile and active lifestyle! OrthoPets provides support to pets through custom fabricated orthoses (braces) and prostheses (artificial limbs).

    These devices are prescribed by a licensed veterinarian with a patient, client, doctor relationship. OrthoPets V-OP patients experience a better result when each patient is provided with a rehabilitation program facilitated by a certified veterinary rehabilitation professional (CCRT or CCRP) with the assistance of certified veterinary rehabilitation support staff (CCRA).

    What are the Benefits of being a Partner Clinic of OrthoPets?

    1. Exclusive and personalized training in the progressive new field of V-OP
    2. Individualized guidance from OrthoPets clinicians and case managers
    3. Wholesale pricing 
    4. Preferred practice referral in your region
    5. Your clinic becomes the expert in V-OP in your area
    6. When OrthoPets receives an inquiry from a veterinary practitioner or client in your city that case will be referred to you
    7. Use of all OrthoPets’ logo and branding for your in-house marketing materials
    8. One on one exclusive support from OrthoPets’ partner case manger and OrthoPets’ orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine consultant on staff

    Join OrthoPets today!

    If you are interested in learning more about the OrthoPets Partner Practice Program, please contact Amy Kaufmann, amy@orthopets.com

    Device orientation and rehabilitation device specifics

    Rehabilitation for Veterinary Orthotic and Prosthetic (V-OP) devices 

    Device specific fitting training

    Device fitting orientation

    Hands on fiberglass impression training

    Hands-on fiberglass impression training

    Veterinary orthotic and prosthetic  (V-OP) biomechanics training

    Veterinary Orthotic and Prosthetic (V-OP) biomechanical training